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How Peeps Can Change Your Company

Peeps! Just hearing the word elicits memories of Spring and the taste of that sweet confection.  Admit it, there are even times now that you long for the taste of that sugary marshmallow treat. So how is it that this small, sweet, squishy treat can change your company? And how is it that it can increase your efficiencies through the use of document management?

Peeps were originally introduced in the early 1950’s as small marshmallow-shaped-chicks covered in a sugary, pastel coating. Their unique look made them a favorite addition to Easter baskets, and soon a legend was born (pun intended as the company Just Born created the original Peeps). Peeps were, however, relegated to a single season, shape and flavor; and three colors: pink, white and yellow. So how do you grow a company that historically has been known as a Spring time treat?

Thinking outside the box, the company, around the turn of the millennium began to experiment with new flavors, colors and shapes. No longer relegated to Easter baskets, Peeps are now a part of Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. Furthermore, the company took advantage of its popularity with consumers and began to market their product in ways never imagined. Peeps lip balm, nail polish, golf gloves, umbrellas, earrings and necklaces and other items increase the popularity and profits of the company.

So how is it that Peeps can affect your workplace and make you more efficient? We let’s begin by admitting that the use of paper is no longer an efficient technology for collecting thoughts and archiving them. We need to agree that there are other, more practical methods for storing and retrieving documents. We also need to confess that most of our competition has transitioned away from paper and is working in a more efficient digital word. Once we agree on this we can take the next step in making our office more efficient and productive through the use of document management and workflow technology.

Imagine what your world would be like without your computer and smartphone. You could not survive, correct? So why are you still using paper, a centuries old technology, to run your company? Today’s document management and workflow solutions are cost effective, and have the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs. Today’s systems communicate with each other allowing you interface your document management solution with your other line-of-business applications. Productivity gains can easily justify the cost of the systems. Worker morale and productivity increase as well. Empowering your people with information that is at their fingertips allows them to react quicker and make smarter decisions.

Already have an MFP and scanning to folders on your network? Well that is a start. But not a complete solution. It’s time to look at taking your processes to the next level. Find out how the use of a true document management solution can impact your company. Learn how your competition is using the technology to improve customer service and steal your clients away.

So be like a Peep and reinvent yourself and your company. This is your opportunity to remain relevant and grow your business. This is your chance to add new colors, flavors and seasons to your old way of handling and working with paper. Be like Peeps!

Jack Arnston is a Principal at The Priton Group. He can be reached at

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