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Document Management Software Solutions Designed Specifically for the Long-Term Care Industry

The Priton Group is Wisconsin’s premier provider of document management software solutions for the long-term care (LTC) industry. By integrating human resource and accounts payable workflow processes with the industry’s leading electronic health record (EHR) programs, our clients increase efficiencies and save time. A customized electronic document management system (EDMS) will manage accounts payable and receivables workflow, along with audit and compliance documentation and other areas of LTC business process management. Our solutions create controls over vital HR and AP workflow processes and improved document management for EOBs, statements and reports. Both our cloud and premise-based options assist with HIPAA compliance.


Over the years The Priton Group has worked to develop industry specific processes and workflow automation solutions for HR, AP, AR and pharmacy departments. We have partnered with many LTC organizations to provide document management software solutions, from document scanning to enterprise content management, creating a truly paperless environment.


Our document management solutions provide:

  • Audit and Compliance/HIPAA Documentation Management

  • Improved Resident Care through Automated Workflow Solutions

  • Business Process Management Improvement

  • Control over AP Workflow Processes

  • Document Capture for Accounts Receivable Automation

  • Document Scanning and Storage within an EDMS environment

  • EHR System Integration

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