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Enterprise Content & Document Management Software Solutions: Tailored to Your Needs

Enterprise Content Management

The backbone of every enterprise content management solution is solid, reliable and flexible software. The Priton Group works with the best names in the industry to bring together the software components required for complete system integration. Our turnkey document scanning & software solutions are customized to meet your business process management needs, and will save your organization time and money by transforming the way you process critical information.

Workflow Automation

Many business process management applications require multiple decision points and manual document workflow routing. Manual oversight drains time and staff resources. Our customized document management software solutions provide workflow automation by facilitating communication within specified user groups on critical document status. These organizational efficiencies provided by an EDMS that is tailored to your business needs reduces cost and provides organizational scalability. The end result is increased revenue for your organization.

Document Scanning & Capture

Document capture & scanning of existing paper files is a cumbersome process. Document conversion and scanning is the first step in a streamlined, automated EDMS solution and the proper software and hardware can make a big difference. We can provide a robust document management software solution with complete system integration to incorporate all your paper files, transforming your organization’s documents into accurate, valuable data that can be stored and leveraged as needed. This will result in reduced operational costs, improved customer relations and audit & compliance consistency.

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