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Back Office Solutions for Manufacturers that

Produce Cost Savings of 50%

Streamline your processing with solutions that generate ROI in less than 12 months

The Priton Group’s solutions are designed to help manufacturers become more nimble, efficient, and organized. Our key services for manufacturers include:

Vendor Invoice Processing: Eliminate the hassle of keying in header, footer, and line item detail in your vendor invoices. We’ll deliver the image and data for upload into your approval workflow and ERP system, all for less than you can do it internally.

Contract Management: Streamline your contract management with workflow solutions that track contract expirations, use industry-leading e-signature tools, and help manage renewals.

Vendor Onboarding: Use e-forms and workflow automation for vendor onboarding, eliminating the manual steps to acquire vendor information, including W-9 Forms.

Human Resources: Store and secure personnel files, automate onboarding, and perform appraisals and terminations with a single, comprehensive system.

“What stands out to me is that The Priton Group understood our pain points and what we wanted for our AP process. And it really showed in their customer service.” - Debby Berchem, CFO, AK Pizza Crust

“With the support of The Priton Group, my mobility for approving invoices is just incredible. I can literally be anywhere. I’ve even approved invoices while on a safari in Africa!”—Bob Coglianese, Co-owner and COO, Blended Waxes

To learn how The Priton Group can help you improve your AP process and
get more from your document management software, set up an
introductory call and we’ll discuss your challenges.

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