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How B2B Manufacturer Blended Waxes

Has Cut Invoice Processing Time in Half

When Blended Waxes needed better performance from their document management software, they reached out to The Priton Group. Three years later, the B2B manufacturer has gone from struggling with the software to cutting invoice processing time in half.  


Family-owned and operated with fewer than 50 employees, Blended Waxes is a tight-knit company that does more than produce customized wax products for customers. They provide the kind of responsive, personalized customer support that’s increasingly rare today.


But maintaining this distinctive company strength can be challenging for front-office staff who wear multiple hats. They needed an ultra-efficient document management system—and a reliable consultant to help them get the most from it.

Challenge: How to improve the reliability and overall performance of your document management system

For vendor invoice and paperwork processing, Blended Waxes was using FileBound Document Management Software purchased through a third-party consultant. Unfortunately, explains office supervisor Jenn Schultz, the vendor consistently failed to help Blended Waxes tap into the software’s full potential.


That caused a number of serious issues, including the following:


A lagging system that constantly disappointed. Jenn recalls that Blended Waxes was told the system would, for example, do things like auto index files to speed up invoice and receipt processing. “But it just did not work the way they described it would. We didn’t experience the efficiency benefits we were promised.”


Misdirected technical data. Blended Waxes laboratory staff needed easy access to documents like batch sheets and certificates of analysis. “But the system wasn’t reliably directing those files to the right location,” says Jenn. “That made it more difficult for our lab to retrieve information.”


Persistent problems due to lack of FileBound knowledge. Jenn recalls that the previous vendor didn’t seem to have in-depth knowledge of the software itself. “Instead of actually trying to fix problems, they put a lot of band-aids on things. It was very frustrating.”[1]  


Frequent system crashes. “Every week, there was easily three to five hours where the system was down,” says Bob Coglianese, Blended Waxes co-owner and chief operating officer. “Even worse, the vendor seemed to be spread thin, so they couldn’t fix the problem in a timely manner.”


When the previous FileBound vendor announced they were being bought out and would no longer support the software, Blended Waxes saw it as a blessing in disguise. They wanted their ongoing FileBound problems solved. And that’s when they discovered The Priton Group.

Solutions: 'Phenomenal service' and FileBound Expertise to Transform Invoice Processing

“Since working with The Priton Group, we've never looked back. They provide phenomenal service that’s far and away beyond anything we had before—or that we could have imagined.” Bob Coglianese, Co-Owner and COO, Blended Waxes, Inc.

According to Blended Waxes, The Priton Group has provided solutions like the following:


Bringing insights to help establish a more efficient system. “They fixed existing problems, and they’ve found more opportunities for us to automate with FileBound. Basically, the system now works the way it should,” says Jenn.


Remedying optical character recognition (OCR) problems. “They’ve helped us put an effective Advanced Capture OCR process in place that integrates well with FileBound,” Jenn explains. “We can scan a document in and count on it being accurately read and processed instantly. It goes exactly where it’s supposed to be.”


Responding quickly, communicating effectively to keep business moving. “If there’s ever a problem, we let them know and they’re on top of it almost immediately,” says Bob. “They tell you what they're doing, and there’s nothing they haven’t been able to handle. You can’t ask for much more than that.”  


Eliminating downtime from crashes. “Regarding the system crashing and the hours it would be down every week—that problem has essentially disappeared since working with The Priton Group,” Bob says.


Helping to make final approval easy from any location. As COO, Bob needs to approve all invoices, which makes it critical for him to do that no matter where he is. In bigger companies, says Bob, you would have a backup team to approve invoices. “But we don’t.”


“With the support of The Priton Group, my mobility for approving invoices is just incredible. I can literally be anywhere. I’ve even approved invoices while on a safari in Africa!”—Bob Coglianese, Co-owner and COO, Blended Waxes
Ariel View1.jpg
Results: Invoice processing cut in half, increased time for customer service

With a more efficient and reliable FileBound system, Blended Waxes has enjoyed results like these:


Cutting document processing time in half. “We've been able to process our receipts and vendor invoices so much faster,” says Jenn.


“I would say The Priton Group has
helped cut our  invoice processing
time in half.”
—Jenn Schultz, Office Supervisor, Blended Waxes


Devoting more time to customer service. “With FileBound working as well as it does, we can provide even better customer service. We’re not only able to respond to our customers faster. We have more time to devote to their questions and concerns,” says Jenn.


And Bob says, “I now have around five to ten more hours a week to redeploy elsewhere in the company. Add that up over the course of the year—it’s a godsend.”


Freeing up physical space and establishing a better file system. “We've literally eliminated file cabinets in our office,” says Bob. “And the days of warehousing banker’s boxes full of old files are over. Now we can electronically retrieve whatever we’re looking for.”


Having reliable ‘mechanics’ for the long haul. Bob says doing invoicing the old way—without a system like FileBound—is “like driving a horse and buggy compared to a car.” But he adds there’s more to it than that.


“Yes, we have the car now. But more importantly, with The Priton Group, we’ve got the mechanics to keep it running smoothly,” says Bob.


“I can’t imagine being in this business 
without them. I really can’t.”
—Bob Coglianese, Co-owner and COO, Blended Waxes
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Interested in transforming your document management processes and achieving results like these? To learn how The Priton Group can help, set up an introductory call and we’ll discuss your challenges.
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