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Solutions for Your District's Paper Filing Needs

True Document Management for Your School District

Protect Your Vital Records and Integrate with Your School Management System.

Imagine trying to run your school district without your school management system. You can't. So why not use a true document management system to store and protect your vital district documents, such as personnel files and accounting documentation.


Furthermore, using an independent document management system, such as FileBound, provides your school district with more freedom in managing your paper. Both cloud-based and in-house solutions are available, providing you greater flexibility from both a cost and technology perspective. Consider workflow for managing processes such as accounts payable and see a big jump in productivity.


If you are operating multiple schools, a single document management solution allows you centralize all of your filings while providing secure access for each location to see only their documents. Record retention can also be monitored and old files deleted from the system.


Why you need a separate document management system.

Every school district has a certain amount of paper documents. They are typically found in applications such as personnel files, accounts payable and special needs files. Due to the sensitive nature of these files, they require tight security and a record for each time they are accessed. True document management systems provide these features and assist you in meeting your compliance requirements.


Departments such as human resources revolve around the processing of information from point to point. On-boarding, earned time-off requests and termination of employees all require particular processes. Workflow through a document management system can manage these processes making you more efficient.


The Priton Group specializes in process management improvement. We have the tools and the expertise to assist you in managing your information and integrating your document management and school management systems.


What would happen if you decide to move to a new school management system?

Converting electronic data from one school management system to another can be difficult and time consuming. Moving scanned images and their database is even tougher. Separating your document management solution allows you the freedom to change systems without the need to migrate images. That saves you both time and money.


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