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Automated Document Capture Solutions that Improve Daily Workflow Processes

The Priton Group offers flexible software solutions configured for document capture that integrate into all business process management platforms. Since scanning and document management needs vary, workflow automation as well as system integration challenges require options. Our consultants have access to industry-leading technology that is responsive to your organizational structure. We partner with a variety of hardware and software vendors* which provides flexibility in pulling together the best solution for your needs.


Document capture solutions from The Priton Group have been deployed across organizations large and small. Our document management software can be scaled from a single department to a large multi-site corporation. From small scanning jobs to detailed enterprise content management systems, our document management and workflow automation solutions are customizable to your timing and needs.


Our solutions provide overall efficiencies that will save organizational resources & money.


Our document capture solutions are designed for system integration into enterprise content management software. With automated data entry, these solutions are more accurate and cost-effective than manual entry alone, providing a return on investment in as few as 12 months.


*The Priton Group is a Certified System Integration provider for: PSIGEN PSIcapture, Kodak Capture Pro, Fujitsu Capture Pro and FileBound Capture. Our valuable vendor resources allow us to help you find the best document capture solution that integrates into your existing business process management platform.


Need more information on document capture solutions? Contact or call 608-279-4088.


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The proper capture techniques and software will save you significant people time and reduce errors. Learn how your organization can become more efficient and save money by requesting more information. 

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