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Outsource Your Vendor Invoice Processing

Protect Your Employees and Eliminate the Need to Enter Data from Vendor Invoices

If there was ever a time and place to outsource a task, it is with the data entry of your vendor invoices. With work at home becoming more and more common, one task that still requires employees to return to the office is to process vendor invoices. Instead, let The Priton Group handle this task for you.


Whether your invoices are digital or paper-based, we can handle the keying and scanning of your vendor invoices. Our process utilizes state of the art intelligent capture software coupled with real people to validate the data extraction. The results, over 99 percent accuracy rate, and turnaround in as little as 24 hours. 


We can handle both header/footer and line item extraction from your invoices. We match vendor information provided by your ERP system and can upload directly to your FileBound Workflow or any other ERP platform.

Our prices are typically less than it would cost to have your employees to key the data. It allows you the flexibility to reassign those employees to tasks better suited to their skill set. Better yet, it allows them to remain safe by working from their home rather than the office. 

Need more information on Vendor Invoicing Services?

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AP Approval

Organize and manage your Accounts Payable approvals through customized workflows. Keep control of the entire process through report dashboards that provide real-time data on where invoices are in the approval process, the efficiency of approvers, load balancing, and more. Analytics provide an intelligent assessment of information that is important to you, such as the dollar amount of payables coming due.

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Take charge of managing your vendor contracts. Our workflow monitors expiration dates and creates notifications within your business letting the proper person know that a contract expiration is upcoming. Our workflow utilizes e-forms and digital signatures to email new contracts and contract updates to your vendors. In addition, our system automatically stores new contracts in the proper project and folder.

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An often overlooked area of many AP Approval processes is organizing vendor information. From managing forms such as W9, Tax Exemption, and ACH to contracts and other information, having a single organized location for this information can save you. Save you during audits, save you on renewing expiring contracts, save you on locating critical information. Automated workflows take the worry out of managing this information.

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Request more information about customized solutions from The Priton Group

We are platform agnostic and have the expertise to evaluate any document management software or process. Contact us and we will share with you how we have worked with other organizations to provide custom enterprise content management solutions.

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