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Contract Signature

Contract Management Designed Around Your Needs

Often Lost in the Shuffle, ECM Solutions are Effective Tools for Managing Contracts

The majority of companies justify their purchase of an Enterprise Content Management solution through savings realized in streamlining Accounts Payable processes of Human Resources organizational tools. But, another great use of the technology is for managing contracts within an organization. Not only can these systems organize and store the physical contracts, but they can initiate the digital signature process and manage the contract expiration and renewal sequence. 


Our solutions do just that. Our workflow and collaboration tools assist in the creation of contracts. Integration with industry leaders DocuSign and HelloSign provides automated electronic delivery of contracts and tracks the acceptance process from review through signature. Escalations and notifications monitor deadlines. Contract expirations and renewal notices are sent to the proper people in your organization to proactively engage in the renewal process.

Managing and organizing your contracts does not need to labor-intensive and difficult to manage. Let The Priton Group demonstrate how these features can benefit your organization.

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An often overlooked area of many AP Approval processes is organizing vendor information. From managing forms such as W9, Tax Exemption, and ACH to contracts and other information, having a single organized location for this information can save you. Save you during audits, save you on renewing expiring contracts, save you on locating critical information. Automated workflows take the worry out of managing this information.

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AP Approval

Organize and manage your Accounts Payable approvals through customized workflows. Keep control of the entire process through report dashboards that provide real-time data on where invoices are in the approval process, the efficiency of approvers, load balancing, and more. Analytics provide an intelligent assessment of information that is important to you, such as the dollar amount of payables coming due.

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Vendor Invoice

Keep your employees safe and away from the office. Let The Priton Group take the pain out of processing your incoming Vendor Invoices. Our outsourcing options provide fast, safe,  and accurate processing of vendor invoices at a very affordable cost. Images and extracted data are sent directly to your approval workflow to begin the approval process. Data can be uploaded to any ERP system.

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Want more information on how to better manage your contracts from creation through expiration including digital signatures? Contact us below and we will step you through the process.

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