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Consulting Services for Customized

Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Iterative Enterprise Content Management Consulting, Development & Deployment

The development, deployment and system integration model can have a significant impact in determining how valuable an enterprise content management software solution will be to your organization. In a world focused on outcomes, The Priton Group concentrates on the development of comprehensive and customized software solutions for diversified industries. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to transforming your organization and saving you time and resources.


Our consultative methodology has been designed to ensure a comprehensive, systematic and consistent approach to the successful design of business process management solutions. It embraces a holistic approach to strategic, as well as tactical, issues in deploying a new solution.


In particular, our consultative methodology ensures proper attention is given to the critical success factors required, including:

  • Providing your organization with the educational tools needed for system integration

  • Facilitating senior management engagement and commitment

  • Identifying employee skill levels and roles in business process management

  • In-depth overview of the current business process management system

  • Actively sharing the vision linked to the business objectives of your organization

  • Identifying new processes that utilize current business knowledge and enable workflow automation

  • Providing adaptable solutions by utilizing all enterprise content management technologies

  • Enabling features to gauge and demonstrate cost and resource savings to your organization


A Phased Approach

The Iterative Consulting, Development and Deployment model uses a phased approach to enable both creative and structured thinking, planning, and implementation of an effective enterprise content management solution.


Phase 1: Discovery and Strategic Planning – This phase gives your organization a basic understanding of the benefits of current enterprise content management technologies. It identifies strategic and tactical issues including: document management and scanning needs, workflow automation objectives and the incorporation of an EDMS into your business environment.


Phase 2: Design and Development – This is the phase in which your organization begins to transform itself to an enterprise content management enabled environment, based on the company-specific objectives that are established and identified in Phase 1. This phase uses an iterative approach that looks to develop cyclically, test and improve the overall solutions design and enable smooth system integration. In general, between one and three iteration cycles are required to develop the best business process management solution.


Phase 3: Operational Deployment – In this phase, your organization rolls out either a departmental or a company-wide enterprise content management solution that has been customized throughout Phase 1 & 2. Included in this phase is a sub-process of user and administrative training with an overview of workflow automation processes and technologies along with assistance in defining new business process management roles.


Phase 4: Measurement and Evaluation – This phase revisits your enterprise content management system after it has been rolled out and incorporated into your organizational structure. It evaluates and reports on metrics such as workflow automation enhancements and cost-savings. This valuable information provides objective data on the overall effectiveness of the system and its value to your organization.


Our consultative method is designed to be modular, allowing your organization to deploy a solution that is responsive to your business process management needs.

Focused on Workflow Solutions

Our consultants provide pinpoint analysis to develop customized solutions based on your environment. We analyze your specific business process management needs and then develop a comprehensive solution that will enhance workflow automation and document management. We work within a tightly defined scope to ensure that we exceed your expectations by providing a customized solution in a cost-effective manner.


Objective, Flexible Solutions

Intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of your business process management system(s), we conduct interviews, review systems, evaluate processes and discuss future options. Our results are completely documented and returned in electronic format with an unbiased approach to increasing workflow automation in your organization.

Transformational Business Process Solutions

We provide a holistic approach to evaluating your existing systems and finding ways to create efficiencies. In-depth interviews with users and managers provide specific information on current infrastructure and ways to increase workflow automation and improve document management.


Request more information about customized solutions from The Priton Group

We are platform agnostic and have the expertise to evaluate any document management software or process. Contact us and we will share with you how we have worked with other organizations to provide custom enterprise content management solutions.

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