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Invoices Processing Made Easy – From Your Home or Office

A Simple Three-Step Process


At The Priton Group, we make processing your invoices fast and easy. Our three-step process provides you the controls you need while empowering your team members to make accurate decisions throughout the approval process.


Step 1 – Use TPG to Process Your Vendor Invoices. Let our team enter your invoices into the workflow eliminating the need for your employees to manage this labor-intensive task.


Step 2 – Allow the workflow to intelligently manage, track, and route your documents through the approval process.


Step 3 – We sync with your ERP system to share data and upload invoice data, GL Coding, and other pertinent information so that payments can be made.  

Our Workflow Manages All Aspects of the Approval Process

We begin by validating that the vendor is in your system. Our Vendor Onboarding step automatically creates a vendor onboarding packet using e-forms and workflow to notify the vendor of required documentation such as a W-9 form. The Duplicate Invoice Check validates that the invoice you received is not already in the system, avoiding duplicate payments. A Two- or Three-Way Match is performed. Invoices that match are automatically processed through the system. Automated GL Coding can be filled in from the purchase order or for recurring invoices based on vendor. Fund allocation can be programmed directly into the workflow. Dollar Thresholds can dictate automated approvals and routing of invoices for additional manual review. Escalations & Notifications alert users when they have an invoice to approve and when an invoice has not been acted upon for a period of time. Analytics & Report Tools provide real-time feedback on all invoices in the approval process. An Auditing Clipboard provides easy to use tools for retrieving and staging transactions for auditors.

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Watch the video below to see how The Priton Group helped American Equity bring order to their chaos.

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