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Document Management Software Solutions with Workflow Automation Functionality

A typical business process management environment requires multiple decision points and the ability to share document workflow among users. A document management software solution provides controls over the organization and communication required by incorporating workflow automation. Your company will save valuable time and resources, automating tasks including document scanning, storage and workflow. With an intuitive and customized document workflow, your team will increase business process management efficiencies, roll out organizational scalability and increase operational revenue.


The Priton Group document management software solutions provide valuable workflow automation benefits with objective feedback and tangible benefits to your organization. Efficiencies and areas of improvement are identified in business process management workflow, while document management and workflow automation facilitate communication within employee groups. Comprehensive management of audit and compliance documents provides regulatory efficiencies. And most importantly, automated workflow results in saved resources and increased revenue for your organization!


Document management software systems provide automated workflow for a variety of groups within your organization and offer efficiencies such as:


  • Electronic Document Capture, Storage and Scanning

  • Accounts Payable Workflow Automation

  • Employee File Management

  • Medical File Routing

  • Remote Coding and Loan Approval Documentation

  • Audit and Compliance Document Management

  • Automated Task Management that facilitates communication within departments

  • Business Process Management data and statistics for evaluation and organizational scalability


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To learn how your organization can benefit from workflow and all of the process improvements it brings. You will process more information, using less man hours, while creating structure around your complex processes. Advanced analytics and reporting provide real time usable information allowing you to better manage your department. 

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