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Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS): Customized for Auto Dealerships

As much as you would like to see document management software technology eliminate the need to produce paper, auto dealerships require more paper than ever before. As a result, document storage is an issue. You may have considered adding a document scanning module from your dealer’s business process management system, but they are expensive and the functionality is extremely limited. Consider an EDMS solution from The Priton Group that utilizes FileBound. Our EDMS solutions economically manage auto dealership scanning, storage and overall document capture & management needs.


Customized software solutions, such as FileBound, provide your dealership with greater flexibility and workflow automation. We offer cloud-based and in-house solutions that provide cost-effective management of accounts payable workflow, document storage for deal jackets & repair orders and employee file management.


Document management for a network of auto dealerships can be centralized in a single software application. Our customized EDMS solutions allow you to keep individual and networked documentation secure by assigning administrative rights and access to each dealership.


We offer multiple document management software solutions to fit your dealership needs and budget.


Our EDMS solutions can add immediate value to your dealership including:

  • Centralized Document Storage

  • Document Capture and Backup

  • Audit and Compliance Oversight

  • Unlimited Applications and Users

  • Cloud-Based or In-House Servers

  • Automated Workflow Options


Need more information on EDMS solutions for auto dealerships? Contact or call 608-279-4088.

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Transform your manual auto dealership system with an integrated workflow solution to save you time and money. 

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