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We Need a Car Show for Document Management

It’s that time of the year, car show season! This past week the Detroit Auto Show kicked off a spectacular event that showcases what is new and what is on the horizon in the auto industry. Following Detroit, the show moves on to Chicago then, New York before hitting the smaller markets. All the glitz and glamour is designed to stimulate your emotions and encourage you to visit your nearest new car showroom. It seems to me that we need a car show for the document management industry?

Those of you that have been around as long as I have will remember the AIIM Show that would rotate between New York City, Chicago and typically a west coast location. The once a year event was attended by thousands and had large booths, inspiring displays and an impressive number of giveaways. It was a must attend event that was frequented by many of the decision makers from the country’s largest companies.

Now, I do not want to get all melancholy that we no longer have an event such as this. I also realize that in our industry a show like this can no longer sustain itself. But, with the constant advances in our business, it would be nice to showcase them and create excitement.

So how do we do it? How do we reenergize the masses and get them excited about the technology? How do we get the word out that enhancements like Artificial Intelligence, e-forms and advanced workflow are having a significant, positive impact on our ability to process information? And, that workflow technology continues to improve and provide immense value to organizations, large and small alike.

In one word, evangelism. That’s right, it is time to get out and evangelize how our continually improving technology is reshaping the way we process our information. It is time to introduce the technology to those who have yet to embrace it, and time to update those who have. It’s time to spread the word.

Jack Arnston is a Principal at The Priton Group. He can be reached at

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