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Why Your HR Department Should Be Using Cloud-Based Technology

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Over the past several years, the U.S. workforce has experienced a shift both generationally and technologically. Millennials are becoming the majority workforce, non-traditional work environments are becoming more common and collaborative technologies continue to emerge.

As a result, HR departments have needed to update their strategies for recruiting, managing time off requests and even the job application process. The appropriate document management and workflow tools are essential for maintaining efficiency within a flexible workforce.

In addition, today’s employees expect to have information—such as how much PTO they have remaining—available anytime and anywhere, which should come as no surprise since more and more people are working remotely. Because of this, cloud-based technology is becoming a must for HR departments.

The ability to share job applications, time-off requests and other resources and documents in real-time will help your company thrive. In fact, a true document management solution should provide secure system access from anywhere, regardless of the device you are using.

In addition, collaboration through the use of electronic forms (e-forms) can help your HR department push beyond traditional processes. For instance, using an e-form for job applicants cuts down on administrative tasks, as it can easily be routed through workflow for approval, without the need to scan or reformat the document.

As our workplace continues to evolve and expectations increase, we need to deploy solutions that will remove barriers for our workers. You can empower them with the right tools, which in turn will help to build a transformational working environment.

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