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Has the Polar Vortex Got You Feeling a Bit Frosty?

Has the Polar Vortex Got You Feeling a Bit Frosty?

Wow, has it been cold outside! My car registered a negative 31 degrees on my way to work yesterday. What I had found when I did arrive, was that not only were the schools closed, but so were many businesses. In fact, it was so cold that the US Postal Service suspended delivery of mail to parts of four states, including Wisconsin. This got me thinking of the value of Enterprise Content Management cloud services when you cannot get to the office.

How valuable is it to have all of your information at your fingertips? Whether that be on your PC or mobile device like your phone or tablet, having your information accessible outside of the office is a must these days. This is not only true of files you save to your Google Drive or Box or Office 365, but also for your business processes such as Accounts Payable approvals and Human Resources hiring workflows.

Products such as FileBound by Upland Software have been providing proven cloud-based solutions for well over a decade. Their systems not only store your documents, they also deliver extensive rules-based workflows and database lookups to your line of business applications. Their mobile application provides a user-friendly tool for navigating the system and making work simple and fast.

Even capture software has embraced the cloud. Ancora Software’s advanced A.I. capture tool can not only learn your vendor invoices and process them, it can do it lights out on the cloud. Who cares if the wind chill is a negative 60 degrees, we have you covered.

But don’t just think of cloud products for when the weather is bad. They are also great anytime you are away from the office. Commuting to work on the train, stuck in an airport between flights, or simply working from home. Cloud Enterprise Content Management solutions have you covered. And as an extra bonus, all of your information is backed up and secured.

So, stop worrying about having access to not only your images, but processes as well. Take solace in knowing your documents are secure and your ability to interact with them is as close as your phone.

Jack Arnston is a Principal at The Priton Group. He can be reached at

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