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Taking Advantage of a FileBound Test System

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

One of our favorite products to work with here at the Priton Group is FileBound. This software has the potential to be both a powerful and versatile tool. Some of the features we have been working with a lot recently, include e-forms and workflow. You can use the e-form module to create and submit orders; or workflow can be used to route documents from employee to employee for approvals, or even be used to create entirely new documents. If you are intrigued by some of these system capabilities, you may want to consider a test system. As your system becomes more and more complex, the greater value a FileBound test site will pose to you.

FileBound is now offering clients the chance to purchase a smaller, hosted testing environment. If you are a hosted client, or are looking at a hosted site, these test sites will look familiar to you, as they mostly function the same way as your existing site. However, the purpose of this site is to test out any new processes, updates and changes before implementing them on your production system. Think of the test site as a sort of staging area. In addition to allowing you a safe space to try out updates, FileBound’s test sites also roll out with newer versions of the FileBound software earlier than the production servers. This means that you will have more advance time to test out your operations on the latest version of the software, as well as get accustomed to any changes or new features before they roll out on your production system.

For instance, using FileBound’s workflow module will allow you to create custom processes for your documents to flow through. As your company expands, the chances are that your workflow will grow too, and become more and more in depth and complicated. This in turn means that the importance of being able to publish and test your workflow in an isolated environment becomes even more invaluable. Even a small change to one piece of your workflow has the potential to cause problems down the road if not configured correctly. In addition to testing changes on existing projects and processes, the test site will also allow you to create entirely new projects and determine how to best design them without interfering with the rest of the production system.  The same holds true for a variety of processes such as e-forms, scanning and uploading, as well as exporting out of FileBound.

While investing in a test system does not produce any immediate financial gains, it can save you further down the road from potential losses due to an untested implementation that causes downtime or inefficiencies. Implementing a test site can give you tremendous advantages in the long run by helping you to maintain and expand your FileBound system, while also allowing you the peace of mind to experiment and tweak your system so that it is optimized for your business.

Do you have an experiences with FileBound’s test sites that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments! And if you would like more information about creating your own test site, please contact our sales department at

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