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How to Manage Your Human Resources Documents

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

More than any other area of an organization, human resources departments need to retain and secure a variety of documents for a very long time. Advancements over the last few years have reduced the amount of paper that is printed, filled out, signed and returned, especially since e-forms are widely used today.

However, that does not eliminate the need to organize, store and secure these documents. Some departments continue to print and manually store documents. Some store them within their Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) or Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Still others use a separate document management software.

Here’s how you can manage your human resources documents.

Use a Complementary Document Management System

Most HR systems are designed around a database that stores binary information. Storing images in the same system is often an afterthought. The solution is to use a cloud-based document management system that complements your HRMS or HRIS. This software provides you with the best of both worlds, storing your data in one system and your images in another. It also makes life much simpler if you decide to transition to new HR software.

How to Convert Your Paper-Based Records

When scanning the current files, it is important to evaluate how you will need to access them in the future as it will determine the effort necessary for prepping the documents for scanning. You will then need to develop a system for organizing and identifying the different documents within the folder to make the scan process as efficient as possible.

Account for Record Destruction

You never want to retain documents longer than you legally need to. Work with your legal counsel to define your retention schedule by document type. Then, identify the trigger that starts the clock, such as a separation date. Finally, design your system to accommodate these needs.

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